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    I try to create a new galley. But to chose/set a media folder(sub-folder) for the images is not possible.
    Do I have to change something?

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    No, you should not have to set anything special just to add a folder to a gallery. But perhaps you can explain more about what you have done. “is not possible” is a little vague.

    I’ve just tested this and it is working for me. But that might only mean I am not doing exactly what you are doing.

    Just one thought – the sub-folder you want to use must exist before you try to use it. You cannot create it in the module.

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    I have created in the mediafolder a sub-folder with some pictures in it. Went to Gallery summary page choose a theme and saved this.
    Added a Gallery, under source choose kiwitrees and want to write the name of the folder, is not possible. If I click no map is shown, the only thing I see is a blue line. Maybe the attached pictures explains more.


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    That suggests the media sub-folder doesn’t exist. Can you show a picture of the Manage media page?
    Also, what is the name of the sub-folder? Perhaps it includes some unusual characters?

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    The name of the folder is onbekend. CHMOD of the folder is 755.

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    OK, I think I now understand why you are having a problem.
    That image tells me you do not have any valid sub-folder that can be used. If you did the top of the screen would look like this:


    The reason for the problem is either that you created the sub-folder manually (in FTP?) or that you have missed an important paragraph in the Gallery FAQ page ( . Perhaps you also uploaded media directly to the sub-folder using FTP? I suspect that through the Manage media pages you cannot see your sub-folder images? In fact probably you can only if you click “Unused files”.

    Paragraph 1 c) under “Setup” says:

    If you are not linking these images to any individual, fact or event in your family tree, then it is also necessary to edit (even if you change nothing) and save each one after the upload, in order to register them in the database.

    This is to ensure that all images can be properly protected for both access and privacy by kiwitrees controls.

    To fix, as per that paragraph, in Manage media click on “Unused files”. For each image click “Create” and then save them, checking they are going to the correct sub-folder. Then you will be able to select the sub-folder in both the Manage media page, and in gallery.

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    ERROR 2: move_uploaded_file(): UPLOADED FILE:’/tmp/php21bPTK’ to ‘/home/vol5_1/’
    0 Error occurred on in function move_uploaded_file
    1 called from line 138 of file admin_media_upload.php

    When I tried to upload media at the top of the screen this error was shown.
    and the image was uploaded.
    The file /home/vol5_1/ was uploaded.

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    It now works fine. Thanks


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