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    I just tried the Notes tab in kiwitrees and thought of an idea. (for kiwitrees-nova).

    Some of my FileMaker Pro databse files have note tabs. The note entries are ofeen overlooked because there was nothing indicating such existed. So I added to the Code “when this Notes field is not empty, add a flag to the Notes tab. That way, when viewing the record from the main tab, my eye can see the red dot and read applicable notes. Can this be translated to kiwitrees – nova?

    ----- [updated: 31Aug2023]

     Alter-Drukarsh connections |The Garelicks|Journal 3.3.12 -  PHP Version 8.1.17 - mySQL 8.1
    The Royals |The Kennedys|The Gerrer Rabbis  3.3.12 -  PHP Version 8.1.17 - mySQL 8.1

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    Had you forgotten that such a feature, in a different form, has existed since PGV days?

    If there are notes present, the tab is displayed as a normal tab.

    If there are no notes, two options exist:

    1. If the user can add/edit data, the notes tab is shown, but rendered semi-opaque. (different old themes do this slightly different. Customisations could change this in many ways)
    2. If the user can not add/edit data, or is a non-registered visitor the tab is not displayed.

    The same applies to most tabs.

    I haven’t changed it for kiwitrees-nova. Is there a reason it should change, other than the theme you use perhaps needs ‘improving’ slightly for your needs?


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