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    OK, both issues now fixed.

    Attached zip folder contains two replacement files.

    One is another version of module.php, to replace /modules_v3/fancy_treeview/modules.php

    The second is a new Dutch translation file. I’m afraid the “Kinderen van” problem was a translation issue 🙂 It should have been translated as “Kinderen van ” (note space on end). Easily missed unfortunately, but unavoidable. However, I will add a comment in the translation to help in future.

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    Ïn English it is good, now the dutch translation of “she married” (zij trouwde) is gone.

    Willemina Meijberg, dochter van Willem Meijberg en Janna Meulink, werd geboren op december 13, 1844 in Kampen en overleed op januari 30, 1921 in Kampen op 76-jarige leeftijd.
    She married tweemaal.

    There is no space between “van” and the name..

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    Translations are stored in the kiwitrees cache, to speed up the process. It is only cleared approximately every 2 hours. So eith wait that time, or go to Administration > Site administration > Clean up data folder and delete the item “cache”. Then return to the original page and refresh it. That will now fix the “van” issue.

    The new problem is because in this process I found a new “bug” related to that text. It is fixed in the file you have (module.php) but the language file is not yet uploaded for translation. If you look at Transifex in a couple of days it will be there.

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    The “van ” problem is solved.

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