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    The HTML block on my website is not shown correctly. When you scroll the page the block disappears under the image bar and shows up above the imagebar. I have seen this before, but can’t find a solution to solve the problem.

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    I thought I had fixed that. Are you certain you have fully cleared your browser cache?

    Otherwise I’ll take a look tomorrow.

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    I just had a quick look at your site. You have a mystyle.css file in your kiwitrees theme – but it appears to be a complete copy of the old version of the standard theme. I’m not sure why you have that. Mystyle.css files should only contain minor changes from the standard theme styles, not the whole thing.

    Being a copy of the old file it is completely replacing the 3.2.2 file, so effectively your theme is still stuck at 3.2.1. Delete that file and you will see an immediate improvement.

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    Used the “clean up data folder” to clear cache.
    I had this problem before and I know it was solved, My local testwebsite does not have the problem.

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    Thanks, That solved the problem.
    Don’t know why that file is in that folder, didn’t do anything with Mystyle.css.

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