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    There is an error in that “PROBATE” is consistently printed before “DEATH” despite the date being later.

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    This relates only to the “old” Family Report. It has been removed from kiwitrees in the next release (hopefully available in a few days). It’s replacement fixes this problem (see image attached). Hence I have tagged this specific issue as “Will not fix”.

    Just out of interest, it was never technically a bug, as it was designed that way. The issues driving this were:

    1. The purpose of a “Report” vs. an on-screen display (such as the individual’s Facts & events tab)
    2. The option to “Print basic events when blank” available for this report
    3. The definition of “basic events”

    The purpose of a “Report” was to give a printable hard-copy of data, perhaps for use “in the field” while researching.
    Hence the option “”Print basic events when blank”, which gives a space to write missing data during a research trip, prior to data entry later.
    The point of defining “basic events” was to keep the generation of such blank spaces within a reasonable scope, otherwise space might be left for every GEDCOM tag that ever existed. Basic events were defined for this purpose as:birth,christening / baptism, death, and burial / cremation.

    For simpler coding the standard sorting algorithm was ignored. The display printed birth, then christening / baptism, followed by “everything else”, then finally death and burial / cremation. It then added marriage events at the very end (because they are family events, not individual, so it was easy that way). No consideration was given to “after-death’ events such as probate.

    Improved coding options have given me the opportunity to produce the same result in the new code, whilst still sorting ALL events in the standard order. Blanks rows can still be produced for the same set of “basic events” as before.

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