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    Glad everything is okay, kiwi.

    I use the title header (? what to call it) at the top of the edit windows quite frequently.

    Edit – John Jones SMITH(1815–1816)

    Is it possible to add a space between the last character of the name and the first bracket please?It looks okay on screen but as you see, copying shows it’s missing.

    ----- [updated: 31Aug2023]

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    I think that’s possible. Normally I would be reluctant as using spaces rather than css for to position text elements causes complications for translations, especially RTL languages. The space you see on the display the result of a margin on the span element that contains the years and brackets. But in this case (so far) I can’t see anywhere else where it is used exactly like this, so it should be OK to add a space on both sides of the bracketed section to make it work the same in either direction. However, if I do come across a use I’ve missed I may need to revert the change.

    But all being well this change will be included in the next release.

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