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    Just had the second bizarre situation happen. Was editing a Fact, saved, the page display had missing details. All F&E expect one Fact. INDI A4474. GEDCOM to the missing details is gone too. (I was not editing via GEDCOM).

    It happened once before recently but I didn’t think much of it.”Pasted ” back details from CHANGE tab.

    Your account is on.

    ----- [updated: 31Aug2023]

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    The Changes tab you refer to shows that two changes were made, 2 minutes apart.

    The first, at 11:29 removed a source link, and added a different one plus a birth date.

    The second, at 11:31, removes a number of GEDCOM lines. A mis of related and unrelated ones, but in a block of sequential lines.

    If both actions had occurred within the same time frame ( plus or minus only fractions of a second) it might indicate something incorrect in the code. But they are both straightforward changes, so an issue like that would be affecting every kiwitrees installation.

    The only other possibility is that it’s related to the slowness of your site that you have commented on elsewhere.  See if you can get the server logs (both access and error versions, which are separate files) for that time frame. It may confirm the theory for us, and if so perhaps what might be slowing the site down.

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