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    this error came at the end of kiwitress, can i get some help please

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    It looks like you have a problem upgrading or installing your site. If you can answer these questions it will help me identify the exact problem.

    What version of kiwitrees are you upgrading from?

    If you are installing kiwitrees, are you using an existing database that has some old content, perhaps from a previous attempt?

    Google translation:

    Det ser ud til, at du har problemer med at opgradere eller installere dit websted. Hvis du kan besvare disse spørgsmål, hjælper det mig med at identificere det nøjagtige problem.

    Hvilken version af kiwitrees opgraderer du fra [/ u]?

    Hvis du installerer kiwitrees, bruger du en eksisterende database, der har noget gammelt indhold, måske fra et tidligere forsøg?

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    i have installed version kiwitrees 3.3.7.
    I have installed the program before but had password problems (forgot about it), when I could not proceed I deleted kiwitrees from the server and reinstalled it.
    greeting joelin

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    You should delete the database, not the files.

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