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    Good Afternoon?

    I am stuck trying to make a new fresh install of Kiwitrees 3.3.11 and it doesn’t seem to like the mariaDB my server is running.

    This database is only running MariaDB version 10.2.44-MariaDB-cll-lve. You cannot install kiwitrees here.
    3 – Checking the connection to your database server

    Kiwitrees needs a database. MySQL version 5.0.13 or later, or MariaDB version 10.1.21 or later.

    I have an install of 3.3.2 in a different subdomain that seems to work fine.

    Should I try installing an earlier version?

    One of the reasons I was starting in a new subdomain was to test the newest version, I always feel like a slacker because I don’t upgrade.

    Thank you for all you do


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    I had searched the forum for “database” and found no help. Now I searched the knowledge base for “maria” and found this:

    I am working on that fix


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    It is a “Good Morning”!

    That fix worked great!

    Thank you for wonderful software

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    Glad you found that. I was about to provide the link to it for you when I noticed you had responded.

    I will have the correct fix in place with the next release. Obviously from that you understand that there is no issue with MarriaDB versions – just a problem with the checking code.

    My personal kiwitrees site is
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