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    I commented on the forum recently (Technical and genealogical contacts #post 4595) that I was looking at a way of simplifying the creation of “custom language files”.

    Well, I have succeeded, at least to an extent, and this will be a new addition in the upcoming release kiwitrees 3.1.

    Here is a picture of the edit screen:


    A full FAQ for it is here:

    A couple of key points:

    • It is an alternative not a replacement for the old file-based custom language files. Any of those you have will still work.
    • Like those (except ‘.mo’ gettext files) it can only be used for simple texts, not those with gender based alternatives, plurals, data variables etc.
    • This stores the translations in the database and requires no special files at all. No need to FTP anything to  / from your server, nor worry about what text editor you use or getting the code right.
    My personal kiwitrees site is
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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