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    some weeks ago I installed vers. 3.2.0 without problems (local Installation with PHP 5.6.14).

    Now I upgraded to vers. 3.2.1 and it seems that it isn’t possible any more to create new trees.

    There is absolutely no error message. Nothing is happening when clicking “create” (after I typed in the family tree title and the URL).

    The log files (apache, mysql, php) seem to give no explanation (but I’m no expert). I can provide the log files, if this would be helpful.


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    Hi Konrad. Welcome to kiwitrees.

    I must apologise for that. I was sure I had tested changes made there before the release, but a bug slipped through.

    Please replace the file kiwitrees/admin_trees_manage.php on your server with the one in the zip folder.attached to this post.

    My personal kiwitrees site is
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    Hi Nigel,

    thank you for the immediate answer.

    It’s working now 🙂


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