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    I think I have tried everything, I have run a bunch of tests on my temporary kiwitrees install.

    The internal messaging widget sent a message to an email just fine – (I only have it turned on for managers)

    But I do not receive an email from the contact link, either in the footer or when I activated the “Contact” menu item at the top.

    I am using “server’s built in PHP mail facility” which I am sure is what my webtrees install has always used.

    I have gone through and put the real email address in Site configuration and Family tree configuration.

    I have been sending tests for a couple hours, trying different browsers, gmail addresses, everything I could think of and have not gotten a incoming message yet, I changed my admin email to my personal email and still nothing comes in.

    I imagine I am missing something obvious.
    My test Kiwitrees –
    My Webtrees install –

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    First place to check is the ”Bug reporting” section of this forum. You only need to look those marked as ”committed”. That means it’s fixed, the fix will be part of the next release. Whenever possible I include replacement files for immediate solution.

    In this case I think you need

    My personal kiwitrees site is
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    Thank you again Nigel

    great tip, I should go through them thoroughly before I go live.

    Of course that works

    I am still testing, now I seem to have an issue with my new webhost and email. (I am not only changing software, I am changing hosts after 10 years)


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    I should go through them thoroughly before I go live.

    If you wait a week to 10 days (max) I will be releasing the next upgrade (v. 3.3.3). That would save you the trouble of patching as well as upgrading.

    My personal kiwitrees site is
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    I went thru the ”Bug reporting” section and only found 4 files that I would need to change so I went ahead so that I could get to testing the email system at my new server.

    Everything seems to work great at the new server.

    Thanks for all you do

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