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    I have been using CA for several thousand records without problem.
    Since 3.2.2. I sometimes (RARELY) spend ages adding details to a new shared note only to find that at the end of the process they are lost and only a blank shared note is shown. This only seems to happen on long entries – almost as if some buffer has been filled up. Is there a limit?

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    No limit, and even if there were you would still have the content up to the limit, not a blank entry.

    More likely that the clue is in your words “I sometimes (RARELY) spend ages adding details”. Perhaps a time-out on the server?

    You’ll need to look for something happening in the server (not kiwitrees) logs at the same date / time as the issue.

    Are you sure this has only happened since 3.2.2, or possibly that it is only recently that you have “spent age adding details”? I ask becasue no changes were made to any part of the CA code for 3.2.2 that I can recall.

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    Thanks. Glad to rule out a kt reason and I’ll look to the server logs/settings. I’ve not checked this on my home testing server where I have full control … so I suppose I should … !

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