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    Please don’t take this the wrong way, but really, what help do you think I can give for this? The fact you can login successfully on another computer strongly suggests that the issue lies with the computer you were using rather than with kiwitrees.

    I am of course more than happy to check the library PC for you, but you might find it a touch expensive paying from my expenses 🙂 It might be better to talk to the Library IT people.

    I have never used a Library PC, but I would not be at all surprised if they have extremely strict web access protocols. The URL for your kiwitrees site may need special permissions to get through their firewalls.

    From the kiwitrees perspective the only thing you could try is looking at the logs. Go to Administration > Site administration > Logs. List everything for the date in question, then look for a failed login attempt at the time you were trying in the Library. If there is an entry it might tell you why, but I suspect there will be no log for the failure. That means the failure occurred before it even tried to access the kiwitrees database.

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    You’re right – I can’t afford your expenses! That said, it could have been possible you heard of such strange behaviour before. I’ve never experienced such behaviour before logging in on computers other than my home desktop.

    Indeed there is nothing in the logs. So I’m now puzzled. I happen to be going to the main library tomorrow and will seek answers from them, although it’s possible they can’t answer either.

    Kind of puts a damper on doing research when I can’t access my site.

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    If they can’t help, take a careful note of the error messages you get when the login fails, and screen dumps for anything relevant. Something might give a clue.

    Might be worth noting the PCs operating system and browser version as well.

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