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    Whilst I fully understand and totally agree with tablet and phone support taking a much lower priority than ‘normal’ screen-size usage, I suddenly realised today that I have an exposure if I leave, as planned, in two days time for a holiday for the first time without laptop, depending totally upon ‘large screen’ Lumia 1520 running Windows Phone. I did a quick test and realised that although the Home Page displayed very clearly – and was handled perfectly adequately even in portrait mode, I was unable to select ‘Administration’ . First attempt – having logged in, clicking on my name top right – yielded nothing – no response (tried several times). So I tried to go in via the widget but was unable to generate it (the reduced-size screen offered me via ‘Choose a page’ all the options except ‘widget’.. I imagine this is something which could be fixed fairly easily before the next release but, as I’m leaving in two days, is there any chance of a quick work-around Nigel??
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    You will find it better using the ‘kiwitrees’ theme.

    But send me:
    a) a screen dump of the display on your Lumia
    b) what the screen size is (in pixels) is.

    Is it a touch screen device?
    is it finger or stylus operated?

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