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    Looking at re-writing and moving more “Reports” to the “Resources” menu, there are a couple of items that could potentially be moved to the administration area (Administration> Family tree tools).

    These are:

    1. Missing data
    2. Sources (perhaps combine this with the new “source citation check” tool?)

    Obviously access to these and their purpose would remain the same for administrators (and managers). The major difference would be that they would not be accessible to users with only edit permissions, members with no edit permissions, or visitors.

    Does any one see this as an issue, only it seems more logical to me that they are admin “tools” rather than reports visitors and members might use?

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    I’m sure the first few times I go to use one of the two, I’ll be frustrated but it makes logical sense. I block reports concerning Sources to everyone but me and Missing data too. I’d vote to move them.

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    No problem for me – what you propose makes sense.

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    Seems like a logical thing to do. No problem for me except to adjust to the change.



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    I think this makes sense.

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    And that’s a yes from me as well.

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    Thanks to everyone who answered both here and on emails. Great to get unanimous support 🙂

    The replacement for the “Sources” report is now done. Will work on “Missing data” next week.

    I have already replaced the “Descendants” report with an extension to the Fancy_treeview module which I am quite pleased with, for the next release (3.2.3), so that will probably be enough changes for this release. I’m trying to do a few of the old reports in each release. This will leave seven to do, of which two (ancestors and pedigree) I hope I’ll be able to replace by print facilities in the existing charts of the same names.

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