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    Well, have been playing with my new install (subdomain, tables) of The Royals and first, whatever hiccups caused the problems with my first 3.2.0 update install, they’re not happening so far. Don’t want to jinx things but am able to use the Family tab so far, as well.

    Tabs vs window edits — the scrolling up/down using the tabs is about the same from windows, Most is due to field label wrapping because I ***never*** use full window browser windows., or even close. (Most times my browser is wide enough for button menu over drop down.) The “most crowded” tab seems to be the add media objects which may be made easier if some fields are re-ordered (many are defaults and can be lower priority).

    I’m making good use of the research task report. Not sure if date filter would be of interest to others but not priority. The default is by oldest date order and have been using that just fine. (Yes, I know it can be re-ordered, but working okay this way).

    Great job, kiwi. The fixes you provided seemed to be the only ones needed.

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