• #5201

    It works fine for me, so yes, you must be doing something wrong. What link did you try for “Stories”? There are two you could use:
    1 – The link to the “Stories list” page (module.php?mod=stories&mod_action=show_list) or
    2 – Links to individual story tabs. These are actually links to individual pages.
    (like: individual.php?pid=I5510#stories)

    I set it up with both links just to test. Then made sure it was dead people and all languages selected.

    To get simpl_pages to show in the extra menu but not in the main menu I hide the menu item from all users but enable the module. Then add a link in the Extra menu list. – This works

    If I hide the stories menu it only shows in the Extra menu when logged in – good. All other show options put the stories link in both the main menu and the Extra menu. eg show to visitors shows the the stories link in both main and extra menus when not logged in.

    I want it in the Extra menu only if possible.