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    I thought I would try putting Stories under the same Extra Menu but the same logic didn’t work. When I enable and hide Stories the link doesn’t show under the Extra Menu.

    Should I give up or am I doing something wrong?

    It works fine for me, so yes, you must be doing something wrong. What link did you try for “Stories”? There are two you could use:
    1 – The link to the “Stories list” page (module.php?mod=stories&mod_action=show_list) or
    2 – Links to individual story tabs. These are actually links to individual pages.
    (like: individual.php?pid=I5510#stories)

    Check your language settings for the individual stories. They might be at odds with the menu settings.
    Then check that the individual the story is connected to can be viewed by the same people your are giving access to the menu (i.e. a story attached to a “private” individual will never appear on the menu to public visitors.)

    Regarding my earlier suggestions for verdana font, I can see from your site you haven’t followed that. Instead you have done the worst possible thing and physically changed the core theme’s style.css file. There is never any reason or logic for doing that. Use only mystyle.css.

    You have also added a font-family setting to a ‘p’ element on some pages. Again, no logic for that. It just adds complication and slows page loading. Set the font-family at the highest possible level (body) in mystyle.css.

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