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    On my local installation (wamp) had the same blank home page. A refresh fixed that but then did not have a complete home page and couldn’t get to the admin pages. Rolled back the installation and then shut off all non-essential modules. Reinstalled 3.0 and again got an incomplete home page. Forced my way to the admin pages by URL. Turned all the modules back on. Everything now works.

    That’s not unsurprising. As you are travelling did you have an opportunity to read the full upgrade instructions (link from news letter or go to FAQs on this site)? This is a major upgrade with a lot of disruption to the modules and menus. No surprise that there will be minor glitches as you experienced. There is a fair degree of re-setting up required on all sites for these changes. A chance for everyone to think carefully about their sites 🙂 Menus can be hidden, moved around etc; widgets are all new and need planning / thought, users must be correctly set up (all settings), etc…..

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