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    To follow up on my last post. I had even better results when I deleted EVERYTHING in my kiwitrees folder EXCEPT /data and then uploaded 3.0.0 The reason, I guess, is that I had not cleaned out the kiwitrees folder for YEARS and there were certainly old unused folders and files possibly even going back to my webtrees days. I must be the 1% where a re-upload worked.

    There is no reason why that should ever be necessary, so I would love to know what changes it has resulted in (what is not there now that was before or vice versa).

    When files are removed from the system they are listed in admin.php. The first time you visit the admin area after an upgrade all / any of those files it finds are automatically deleted for you. If your server is configured in such a way to prevent that happening, then instead a list of those files is created and displayed in a ‘accordion’ drop-down on the admin front page, titled “Old files found” and with the explanatory text “Files have been found from a previous version of webtrees. Old files can sometimes be a security risk. You should delete them.”. You could of course have been ignoring that list, but you shouldn’t.

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