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    Are you referring to the research link for Gelders Archief?

    In most cases users send me the details and I add them to the core system. As the admins can set which to use / not use, it’s not a major problem to have many available.

    The only thing I want to do soon is identify a “default set” of research links that will be loaded at initial set up, with all others left disabled until required. I hope to do that with many modules – disabled until selected, not enabled by default.

    It is important for me that kiwitrees, (either the software or the hosting), aids users to focus on their family history, and not on writing computer code or managing web servers 🙂

    This is why many of the features available in kiwitrees only exist in webtrees if you can be bothered finding them from independent developers (assuming they even exist there) and updating them in addition to the main software.

    My personal kiwitrees site is