• #1784

    Hi Fred

    Now when accessing GitHub I get a 403.

    I briefly saw something similar on GitHub myself a short while ago, but not now. I think it must have been a “glitch” at their end. Try it again now.

    Are you planning on periodic “releases” and would you prefer that we wait for said same or can we just refresh from GitHub anytime?

    Yes, no, and yes 🙂 I do plan on doing periodic releases, though not sure yet when the best time will be. So you are free to take whichever approach suits you best. I’m not pushing the GitHub option too much, as I don’t want to make anyone’s life any more complicated than necessary. I am basically using it as a convenient store / tracking for changes, and an easy way to package a release.
    So far I have also been able to attach revised files to posts here as issues come up. But eventually, as changes start to cross-over with other changes that becomes impractical. That is probably the time I should consider another release.

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