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    Yes, I believe that index-card is it’s true meaning. Remember that most of these object “types” come from the GEDCOM specification which is now quite old. So it also includes “microfiche”. These are from the days most research was done in libraries.


    Kiwi wrote:
    In webtrees, are these links to “bookmarks” or are they to “favorite people” ?
    I didn’t catch that question :/

    These links in webtrees are mainly used to provide quick links to individuals or families. Most people use them for their “favourite”, most interesting, or most important individuals. I am just asking if that is the same thing as a www “bookmark” or perhaps it is something more specific to a family tree?

    But if not, then I agree that we should consider changing to “bookmark” throughout the system. I would happily remove anything that reminds me of Microsoft 🙂
    But I am not sure we should make the change different for each language – better for something like this it is all languages or none.

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