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    jacoline, thanks, but I fear you did not read the instructions contained in the post

    The file you sent is based on the one from the Google Maps module. But you have added other translations into it. I started to use it, but it is too much work at my end to split these out and put them into the correct standard language file. It is also incorrectly named, as the file must be just da.po.

    In fact you can ignore the Google Map file as it’s texts are now included in the core file available at GitHub (per the other post).

    Your file possibly also includes texts that are not part of the core code. If that is the case they cannot be included. They need to be either part of one or more simpl_add-on packages, or your own custom language files. Do not add new texts to the file. The system cannot handle texts that are not part of the core code.

    So, sorry if it is more work, but please follow the instructions and down load the standard da.po file and make your changes to that one.

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