• #6489

    There could be a number of different causes for that such as:
    1- exactly what it says :Duplicate entry for I10951
    2- two death records for the same person
    3- a bug, but in this case it’s the least likely.
    4- something related to the following…….

    I have to ask why you ran it with needing to accept changes. Indeed I wonder why you as admin require yourself to approve your own changes at all. Doesn’t seem logical to my mind.
    I’m pretty sure the batch update gives a pretty clear warning against doing just that. Very few installations can cope with a batch update that requires each of it’s changes to be approved as there may be thousands of changes, sometimes multiple ones to the same record.

    I would change your user setting to not require approval of changes, then re-run it. Ideally do this after re-importing the back up copy of your GEDCOM file you created before running the update tool, but if you didn’t do that just rerun it any way.

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