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    Curiouser and curiouser!

    Just to clarify:
    1. I have always had auto-accept=YES for my own user entry
    2. I was not re-importing my GEDCOM – in fact I haven’t done that for years; the master GEDCOM is the one of the server and I back it up regularly but never replace it and have never (so far) had to restore a back up.
    3. When I initiated the batch update, I was not shown the message you show in your attached image. I was merely shown, after some delay during which the cursor’wheel’ turned, the first individual for whom the ‘1 DEAT Y’ was to be added, with the options to update or update all – I selected update all, and the cursor wheel started turning again, and I guessed that it may take a while so I left the office to deal with something else.
    4. When I returned, although there was no message to indicate that the process was complete, the cursor was no longer turning and I noticed top right, in red, the message ‘Pending Changes’ . I should point out that this is the first time I have seen that message since converting to kiwitrees well over a year ago, and that I am the only user with edit/change authority (all other users are ‘Members’ so they don’t make changes for me to approve.
    5. Assuming that it was normal – although rather odd – for the batch update function to require me to go through the process of accepting the changes I clicked on ‘Pending Changes’ and was shown something which seemed familiar from PGV/webtrees days – with options to ‘Approve all changes’ or ‘Undo all changes’ – then identity details of a SINGLE change – followed by the Accept all/Undo all options again. I assumed that – although again a little odd – the batch update was showing me on just ONE record the change that would be made to all, and I clicked on ‘View GEDCOM record’ for that one individual (unfortunately I did not note the Indi Number and can’t remember the name, but it was a very simple GEDCOM file entry – only a few lines, I verified that the date of birth was more than 110 years ago and that the last line was ‘1 DEAT Y’ and clicked on ‘Accept All’
    6. I then received the Fatal Error message that I attached to my earlier post.
    7. Since your last response, I thought I should double-check that there had not been an extreme coincidence in which a user who did actually have edit authority by error had made a change at the same time as I was running a batch update!! There was one other user logged in at the time but I checked that he has only Member status. I also checked ALL other users who have logged in during the last month (just in case – although extremely unlikely – I had failed to spot the red message and someone else who had Editor authority in error had indeed submitted a change. Again negative.
    8. I just ran the Family Tree tool – Check for GEDCOM errors to be sure that there is nothing residual in the GEDCOM – no errors found.
    8. The only thing that I can think of that MAY perhaps have a bearing on the situation is that I remember answering the phone whilst I was in the process of initiating the batch update, and having completed the phone call and returned my attention to the PC, it wasn’t clear to me whether I had completed the process of initiating the update. As the batch update screen only shows the name of the Family Tree and the drop-down list of options – NO ‘run/start’ button to click having selected the option. It would appear that the mere act of selecting the option from the drop-down list initiates the batch update. This being the case – it is POSSIBLE that I unwittingly triggered a second update in error before a first one was complete. Could that help to explain any of these anomalies?

    Ron in France Website: kiwitrees 3.3.11; PHP 8.0.14