• #9943

    Nigel, do you see any issues with us commenting out this line? Is there anything we should be aware of here?

    No problem with commenting that out on an established site. It’s mainly for people upgrading directly from a very old version to the latest in one go. I’m not sure of the exact mix of circumstances that triggers the error you (and Jamie) got, but you are the only ones, so clearly quite a limited and one-off issue.

    Jamie is right about your other error. Not related to the first.
    You are also right. WT_ anything should be changed to KT_. That implies you have a custom page of some sort that you haven’t fixed as per upgrade instructions. Given your description

    as a logged in user, it loads the page title, header and footer but the middle of the page is empty.

    it might be a custom tab perhaps, or a sidebar element, or a research plugin not part of the standard set? If you can’t find it, send me login details and I’ll take a look.

    It’s not an issue in kiwitrees.js. That error message is the result of the error, not the cause, unfortunately.

    My personal kiwitrees site is