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    Would it be to include Jensdatter and Jensen as a single group called “Jensen”?

    If I assume you will answer ‘yes’ to that question, then the solution is to amend the name part of each “Jensdatter” person.

    Instead of:
    1 NAME Ane /Jensdatter/
    2 GIVN Ane
    2 SURN Jensdatter
    you need:
    1 NAME Ane /Jensdatter/
    2 GIVN Ane
    2 SURN Jensen

    You can either do this by raw GEDCOM edit, or by using the name edit screen (click the icon to edit the “Name” field independently of the surname field). You can probably also do it by the batch update, but it will be complex I’m afraid.

    That will do a number of things:

    • Her main display name will remain as Ane Jensdatter
    • Her surname on her individual page header will be Jensdatter (Jensen)
    • The statistics chart will count her as a “Jensen”
    • In Lists > Individuals she will appear as both Jensen and Jensdatter (same for general search results)
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