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    Their assertion makes very little sense. The error messages all begin with “โ€˜/opt/alt/php56/” which clearly implies they are running php 5.6. That on its own is not great as it was abandoned for all but urgent security updates by the PHP developers 11 months ago. As for putting you back to php 5.5, that’s just plain reckless. It hasn’t even had security updates since the middle of 2016!!!

    They need to get you onto php 7.0 at least, and preferably 7.1. (7.2 has already been available since Nov 2017, but I can’t yet confirm kiwitrees as fully compliant with that one.)

    Having said all that, there is nothing in kiwitrees that would prevent it running on a properly configured php5.6.

    Also, all those warnings refer to “PHP startup” so they are happening well before kiwitrees even gets started. It’s PHP itself that has the problem. Their configuration is calling for php modules that they have not installed! So it’s also unlikely that any of your old scripts are the cause.

    Returning to your HTML block problem. Note that my earlier recommendations are NOT to edit your block as you originally intended. I mean for you to methodically strip out all of the block code you have there, and put it back bit-by-bit to identify what in that code is causing that block (only) to stall. From that information, I can then (hopefully) identify what is causing the problem.

    This is what I would do if I could access your site ๐Ÿ™

    From this the intention is, as you say, to get “normal” functionality working again.

    My personal kiwitrees site is