• #9757

    I don’t think those errors would be causing an issue with just a single HTML block, so probably not the cause of this issue. It’s possible they are related to the problem I’m having accessing the site though. You should definitely alert your server host to those.

    For the HTML block, the only other solution is to edit it in the database.

    Look first in the table xxx_block. Sort by the “module name” column to find the html block or blocks. From there you can read the block_id.
    Now go to the table xx_block_settings. Sort by block_id column and find the rows related to the block_ids you found in the other table, There will be a number rows for each – designated by different “setting_names”. You want the ones with “setting_name” = html. I suggest you edit the code in the field “setting_value” a little at a time until you remove something that allows the block to work normally. Then put back as much as possible until it fails again.

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