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    Hi Richard. Thanks for looking.

    I certainly wouldn’t claim to understand the algorithm’s you have used in this module (though I’m extremely grateful for your work).

    But I think in this particular example the issue is that the relationship is not as straightforward as it might seem. Jamie has described it in fairly simple (English) terms. But in fact, if you look at the image attached to post #9518 above you will see that the link is not only 11 generations back, but it is via two different families (same father, two different mothers. In other words, it is only a “half-relationship”.

    My test was done with a copy of Jamies GEDCOM file. Perhaps she would be willing to share it with you also?

    My assumption is therefore that this is the cause of the difficulty. But I am not able to understand the algorithm well enough to explain how this is actually caused.

    But if you can make a better suggestion I would be pleased to use it.

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