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    Thanks. Looking at it in detail it is an issue for ALL census templates. This has been messy. Twice I’ve thought I had fixed this, only for my fix to reverse a previous one!! So this time I’ve re-written the relevant piece of code almost completely, and given it a thorough test.

    Just for interest, the issue has been catering for four five different situations:

    1. An old-fashioned census entry not using the census assistant (one CENS event attached to a single individual)
    2. Having the census assistant enabled, but for a single individual not using it (except to select the appropriate date)
    3. Using the census assistant fully, but for just a single individual
    4. Using the census assistant for a complete household
    5. Using the census assistant for a household including individual(s) not recorded in the family tree

    I’ve tested all these with the latest change, so hopefully, it will stay fixed this time. 😉

    This fix is to replace the file kiwitrees/edit_interface.php with the one in the attached zip folder.
    Let me know how it goes for you.

    (Edit – adjusted for additional test case, described in later posts)

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