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    This is a “MySQL 5.7” issue missed in the earlier clean up of such issues. I wasn’t then aware that the command “ALTER IGNORE TABLE” is deprecated and replace by “ALTER TABLE”.

    To fix this bug all of these steps are required. in this order:

    1. Replace the file \includes/db_schema/db_schema_23_24.php with the one attached here
    2. In your database, in the table site_settings change the setting “KT_SCHEMA_VERSION” (or it might still start with “WT_”) to 33 (or leave it at 33 if it still says that)
    3. Return to your site and refresh the page.
    4. Once the site is back to normal, visit the page Administration > Dashboard > Home

    As with the previous “database error” bug, if you do not see exactly the error message attached by Jamie in this thread (file sql-error.png) do not make this change. You do not have this issue, and will not need this “fix” before the next upgrade, which will include it. This issue will only arise in certain circumstances, and only during the upgrade. It cannot be triggered at any other time.

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