• #9539

    Hi Roy

    I’m not sure exactly what the problem there is. Not something I saw in testing. But my first suspicion is something might have gone wrong at an earlier database change. Each time there is a change that requires modifying I create a file (in/data/includes/db_schema/). In an upgrade, it just runs the latest one. In a new installation, it runs all of them sequentially.

    In your example, it is trying and failing to run the latest (db_schema_33_34.php), specifically this SQL command:

    DELETE FROM "##module_privacy" WHERE "component" = ""

    You could try running that command yourself directly on the database. Just remember to replace “##” with your database kiwitrees prefix (perhaps “kt_”). If it fails you should have a more specific error message.

    Alternatively, look at the table “module_privacy” and see if you have any rows with a blank field in the “component” column, and simply delete those, which is what the code is trying to do.

    If all this fails, send me an exported copy of the table “module_privacy”. I will be able to tell if there is any issue with it.

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