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    Wasn’t trying to do anything special; just a simple search and replace. By trial and error have come up with procedure work arounds.

    The natural thing to do is enter the “search” phrase which triggers the program to search. After waiting for that and entering the “replace” phrase, you wait again for it to search. The work around is to do it backwards and enter the “replace” phrase first; the program then does a quick fresh. Then enter the “search” phrase.

    Because of the current behavior, the following work around for repetitive search and replace actions is also necessary. Clear the previous “search” phrase which triggers a quick refresh. Replace the earlier “replace” phrase with the new one; another quick refresh. Lastly, enter the new “search” phrase.

    If there is not much use of this program feature, a change certainly is not necessary. However, to avoid one of the two search times the user cannot use the intuitive approach


    Apache 2.4.27  PHP 7.19 MariaDB 10.2.8