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    Ouch – that’s a major problem! The issues I recently fixed were minor in comparison, just affecting small parts of a couple of pages I was working on.

    It’s not likely to be a problem with kiwitrees – unless you have been making changes to the code, which I very much doubt. But it’s impossible for me to see what is happening, as even your administration pages are affected by the problem. Even the error message only shows what you reported above – which is cut-off and of no help, except that as the problem has also affected the PHP error message, then it is even more likely to be a server issue.

    My suspicion is a change either to your server or perhaps to the Joomla you also have running (I’ve seen a lot of similar reports related to Joomla).

    The first step is to have a look at your server error logs. See if there are any reports indicating what happened just before this error started to appear.

    Another thought – what version of PHP are you using? Not 7.2 I hope??

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