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    Yes, that is common, and has always been the case. Differences can be data errors, maiden names, multiple names, or privacy (and possibly others I’ve forgotten). You should be able see the cause if you look closely at the detail list. Look for the same person appearing twice, then review their information to see why. It might be valid, or perhaps an error. The sanity check tool for duplicate can sometimes help too.

    The fundamental difference is that the total count is of individuals, whereas the detailed listing is of the name.

    I always quote my maternal grandmother as an example. In the count of “Waghorn”s she is counted as one individual. But looking at the detailed list she appears twice. Once for her maiden name (Waghorn), then again with her married name which purely coincidentally is also Waghorn.

    I tried to look at your Lancaster example, but privacy prevents me seeing the 23 names you quoted as being in the detail list. I see only 9 there, but 22 in the total count.

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