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    When I added census before. I made a shared note and used these to make them:

    | to seperate colums
    .b. or .u. to highlight

    1801-Viborg, Lysgaard, Frederiks, Frederiks sogn, Havredal

    .b.Navn|.b.Alder|.b.Civilstand|.b.Stilling i hustanden|.b.Erhverv
    Georg Winkler|30|Gift|Huusbonde|Tydsk Colonist og Sognefoged
    Anna Rosina Breuner|29|Gift|hustru|
    Anne Margrethe Winkler|6|Ugift|Deres Børn |
    Phillip Frederich Winkler|4|Ugift|Deres Børn |
    Anna Rosina Winkler|2|Ugift|Deres Børn |
    .b.Christopher Schröterin|22|Ugift|Tjenestefolk|
    .b.Anna Christina Schöterin|13|Ugift|Tjenestefolk|

    And was alså thinking of having the ability to mark that a person in the census is crossed over in the original census (image file)

    Something like this (see enclosed image)
    And using the markers will show this result:

    Anna Rosina Winkler


    Anna Rosina Winkler

    Using my logic code could be something :
    Case Xmark is true do “Anna Rosina Winkler
    Case Bmark is true do “Anna Rosina Winkler
    Else do “Anna Rosina Winkler”
    (without the ” ofc 😛 )

    Regards, Jamie Jaconelli

    admin and owner of a user customized version of kiwitrees (contains 3 family trees)