• #9137

    You are telling me if I have one media or one share note linked to a source it should be shown at the source list with the numbers?

    I have a source like this:
    1 ABBR Ørding
    1 TITL Kirkebog-Ørding sogn, Morsø Sønder Herred, Thisted Amt
    1 TEXT 7990 Øster Assels, Morsø Kommune, Region Nordjylland
    1 AUTH Statens Arkiver
    1 PUBL Akivalier Online
    1 OBJE @M748@
    1 REPO @R3@

    And in the list the column is marked with 0

    Regards, Jamie Jaconelli

    admin and owner of a user customized version of kiwitrees (contain 3 family trees)