• #9124

    I’m going to add this comment as part of when fixed: will the fix be retroactive. If yes great, if not, will have to find census affected probably using log that I know is in admin.

    Yes, it will be. The issue is only related to output (display) not creating or saving the data.

    I’ve moved this to its own bug report as it is not related directly to the census assistant we were previously discussing.

    For others looking at this, note that it only related to shared notes added as a subsidiary tag to a source, as indicated in the provided GEDCOM data above (repeated here:)
    1 CENS
    2 DATE 01 APR 1940
    2 PLAC England
    2 SOUR @[email protected]
    3 DATA
    4 TEXT the source year isn’t suppose to match date
    3 NOTE @[email protected]
    2 ASSO @[email protected]

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