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    Ah!! I had checked in the other direction – by tracing images which had appeared in the Slide Show to their associated Individual, then clicking on the ‘Album’ tab to check on the ‘type’ of the media item. At you surmise, the images in question were census images but were shown under type ‘Other’ . However, I have just repeated the exercise, traced the image, hit the ‘album’ tab, confirmed that the image was in the row for type ‘Other’. BUT – this time I went a step further, and selected ‘edit media’. To my surprise, although displayed under ‘Other’ – the ‘type’ field in ‘edit media’ shows ‘photo’. However clicking ‘save’ and returning to the album tab view, the item is now in it’s ‘rightful’ place in the row for type ‘photo’. So the problem is not in the Slide Show filter (not surprised then that you couldn’t reproduce it) but in the album tab display. Having made a number of random checks, it seems to be widespread – many of the individuals I checked on at random, having one or more media items with type ‘photo’ appearing in the album as type ‘Other’.
    Point taken about my having a number of media items with the wrong type. The vast majority of my census images were recorded with the type ‘electronic’ – which later became ‘census’ (although still appears as ‘electronic’ in the drop-down lists in album-edit media and in Lists-type) but some clearly slipped through as ‘photo’ which I shall correct by changing to ‘electronic’ .
    Apologies for the mis-leading problem definition.

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