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    First of all Nigel many thanks for taking the time and trouble to check out my website and fix the 500 error.

    {You have set the menu item “Contact” to “Visible to members only”. That’s fine if it is your intention, but unusual.}

    Actually, I didn’t intentionally set it this way – I merely enabled the Contact module which defaulted to this setting. I agree with you it doesn’t make much sense set this way and have changed it to be ‘visible to visitors’.

    As for ‘User-to-User’ communication via the website, I recognise that, if I am the only one using it I cannot really expect any special action just for me, and I know we have already been here and discussed it at some length so I won’t take more forum time on the subject. However if, as you imply may be the case, it appears to be possible without too much effort on your part, to retain within the new Contact function the drop-down list of users as it appeared in the messaging function, that would certainly meet my needs.

    {In the old code where we list the user for messaging purposes, they all display real name and user id. Is this the right way to do this? Wouldn’t users expect their real names to be protected? Or do we accept that as they are all registered members it shouldn’t matter?}

    In my case, with only one or two ‘special manager/administrator’ exceptions, like you Nigel, all my registered users are by definition members of the extended family tree and they, themselves, appear on the database, and this means that their details can be seen by all other registered users (with a few specific exceptions where I apply a ‘restriction’ to comply with individual privacy requests). I make this clear to them when they register, so they have accepted the position and I see no problem here.

    Incidentally, when as a logged-in user viewing the Individual details of another registered user, I see alongside his full name (in red in Webtrees theme) his kiwitrees username. I believe I am right in saying that before 3.3.1, clicking on this username would generate an internal message to that user ?? Now, I see that I (as admin) am taken to the individual’s entry in Administration – Users. Should this/could this not instead now lead to the generation of an e-mail to that individual? If so, and it that could be achieved for Admin, then – perhaps, for little extra effort, it could be made available to all logged-in users??

    I’d better stop there!

    Ron in France Website: kiwitrees 3.3.11; PHP 8.0.14