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    Yes, absolutely right. Glad to say I spotted this one a few weeks ago, so it’s already fixed for the next release.

    If you want to fix your own site now it’s a simple job.
    In the file /library/WT/Controller/FancyTreeView.php there are three lines that include the errant word ” times”. In my development copy they were lines 534, 540 and 546 (your’s might be slightly different, I can’t recall). Simply delete that word (and it’s preceding space) from each line. The appropriate wording is now part of the translated text. I forgot to remove that remnant.

    Incidentally, the same bug would exist in the Descendants Report as they use much of the same code. This fix covers both.

    (FYI – the target for the next release has slipped a little. Was hoping for late August 🙁 Not too far away now though.)

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