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    OK, problem found. The clue was your comment above, which said:

    Does not matter if you hit close button or not!

    Also this from your PDF of the process:

    There are in fact two problems:

    1. You MUST always use that close button. The system breaks (as you found) if you do not. That is the way that code is (and always has been) designed, and I do not want to change it at this time.
    2. The main problem was that the close button was not working properly. When you click “close” it should close that tab and refresh the original one (the list of unused media) That is why it did not help if you clicked the close button or not.

    I have added a temporary fix for this on your test site. The “close” now works as designed, and the button has a reminder that you MUST use it.

    I hope before the next release I can amend the code so the close button is not required. It’s the only page left over from PGV that still has it, but so far getting rid of it is proving problematic.

    If you want to use the same fix for your live site just copy these two files from your test site:

    I did also read your early comment

    Imagine you have 100 files. You see them in unused! The selector is 10 (to view). You click at the 10 and just make close at the window (where you do not update the “unused medialist”) then it happens you can do this! If you have many you want to spare the time for the “update”.

    I understand it can sometimes be slow to refresh the unused list if there are many items. But there is no easy way to avoid this. Like all other edit screens, you have to do one edit, then refresh the screen.

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