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    Interesting. I hadn’t thought there would be checks related to media.

    However, no 2. does already exist. Some time ago (can’t remember exactly how long) I changed the tool Administration > Family tree tools > Find unlinked individuals to Administration > Family tree tools > Find unlinked records. So that tool now lists unlinked individuals, sources, notes, repositories, and media.

    For number 1., would you assume that any such duplicates would link to media files in the same folder or sub-folder? Or could they be in different sub-folders?

    I think the check would have to assume they are in the same folder. Otherwise it would be entirely possible that, for example, /portraits/john_smith.jpg might be a completely different image to /people/john_smith.jpg.

    I’m also unclear about how these duplicates happen. It’s not like births deaths etc where duplication is quite easy. Kiwitrees is coded to only use any XREF (like M12345) once per family tree. When it creates a new OBJE it will not use an existing Mxxx.
    I need to be able to create the problem so that I can test the code that finds it 🙂 Do you have a GEDCOM that includes the problem?

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