• #8678

    Hi John

    I would be about 95% confident it is an issue with the SSL setup abd / or the server move. My logic for that conclusion is:

    • You are not describing an issue any other user has reported
    • It is the only significant change you have made on your site.
    • I can view your site quite normally when not logged in (haven’t tried to login),

    It is likely that your server logs will have something related to the login attempts that might help.

    If you send me a login (if you are able to) I can see if I see anything else that might help.,

    It might also be an idea to confirm the exact steps you took both to move to another server (did you change the /data/config.ini.php file to reflect any database name/password etc details, etc…?) and anything you did in kiwitrees specifically related to the change to SSL, such as adding a server URL in admin, or an error in a redirect / htaccess file.

    Last question – has enough time passed since the move and switch to SSL passed to ensure the new domain details (if any) are promulgated? It can occasionally take 24+ hours.

    My personal kiwitrees site is