• #8636

    Once the data is loaded javascript is used to remove the “hidden” class and hide the wheel. So it’s a very simple process, and can ONLY be disrupted by JavaScript failing to function due to being disabled or (quite rare) corruption at the browser.

    Point taken. But I was assuming that, as she had javascript enabled in her browser and as it clearly worked for some of the sites, the problem could be caused by the blocks not actually loading, hence my guess that this may be due to some resource constraint in her system.

    Anyway, I’ll leave it to her Mac guru to sort out the problem for her and not take up any more time and space here. I’ll report back here if the findings seem to be of potential interest to others. Thanks Nigel for sticking with it thus far even though it is clearly not a kiwitrees problem.

    Ron in France Website: kiwitrees 3.3.11; PHP 8.0.14