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    HOWEVER, I am puzzled by the something she has told me in her latest e-mail, and I thought I should share it with you.

    Never be puzzled by something a user has told you until you have reproduced it yourself. 🙂

    I see that you say “… first checked them from my PC with javascript disabled in Chrome. Sure enough, both presented the same problem (‘the ever-turning wheels’ on blocks using javascript and therefore failing to open).” That’s excellent, but did you also, as she describes, try waiting for for some time. Did you test that yourself?

    I have just done so. In fact I waited (while I did other things) for 30 minutes. Still after that time your site and the other two failed to display only the javascript enabled blocks (js was disabled from my browser at the time). So her exact problem cannot be reproduced on any browser other than hers. That rules out all the other issues you raise.

    But I’m not surprised. The way these blocks, and many other parts of the site (lie the INDI lists she also refers to) use javascript is very simple. If you have javascript those things will display. If you don’t the wheels will just continue to spin. Size of available irrelevant. The “spinning wheel” is nothing clever, just a simple litle animated gif image. It is not in any way connected to the process of loading the data. The data is prepared in the background, and will in fact have completed “loading” in the normal time. But it cannot be seen because there is a css class of “visibility: hidden” set on its html container by default, and the wheel displayed instead. Once the data is loaded javascript is used to remove the “hidden” class and hide the wheel.
    So it’s a very simple process, and can ONLY be disrupted by JavaScript failing to function due to being disabled or (quite rare) corruption at the browser.

    However, her report back will help her MAC expert to diagnose the problem. I can only guess, but I think he will just remove and reinstall her browser. The symptoms she gives – javascript enabled but not functioning correctly / functioning in an intermittent manner, suggest a damaged browser installation.

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