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    Ever think of getting rid of some duplicated data access points such a 2 for Research Tasks, report and widget? I think I even saw one with 3 ways to access the info.

    It really depends on the nature of and reason for the duplication. In most cases it is literally only two alternate display options. All the underlying code is common so only has a single point of maintenance.

    Usually, and research eases are a good example, the duplication is the result of users asking for a different way to access the data. Perhaps they don’t want to use the widget bar at all. The extra code to provide both was negligible and only took an hour or so to implement. But having provided two access points I’m not forcing anyone to use both of them.

    What I try to encourage is a carefully considered set up, using only what you need, not just enabling everything. I have a half-written FAQ about the process that “should” be followed after a site is installed, covering the thought processes that might determine what should be enabled, what might be left out, and why. I have also started in 3.3.0 to limit the modules that are enabled on initial setup, which might (hopefully) encourage more thought into the use or not if duplicate tools.

    But you do raise a valid point. There’s a fine line between the benefits of simplicity and flexibility.

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